Be honest: the first time you had to choose a Roman Imperial helmet (or maybe you have to pick up your first one), you probably thought about a Gallic G, H or maybe a C, didn’t you?

Maybe without even asking yourself why. Legionaries of course did also use these helmets…but you should be more careful. In fact, choosing the best Roman Imperial helmet is much more difficult than it seems.

For the best possible impression, choosing the right helmet is essential. Imperial helmets, both “Gallic” and “Italic”, had a development and evolution that can be traced using the original specimens.

If you don’t know this evolution, of course is quite easy to pick up the first Imperial helmet you put your eyes on, risking to use it totally out of context.

Imperial helmets type are a lot…and that’s why we wanted to gift you with these two tables below. A brief “history” of the Roman imperial helmets through our replicas.

Fast and easy: now it’s impossible to make a mistake!


Of course, during the Early Empire legionaries did not use only these helmets…but maybe we’ll deal with this in the future!

In the meanwhile, you may also take a look to our Roman Imperial helmets from here and here.

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