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Take back your past: know the present time / build the future

De Bello Italico started in 2005, after our experience with two of the most innovative living history events of the period dedicated to the antiquity: the “Mercato della Centuriazione Romana” (Market of the Roman Centuriation) in Villadose (Rovigo) and “Legiones in Agro Boiorum” in Castenaso (Bologna). 
The project is dedicated to divulgation of ancient Italy’s history, through events based on serious and deep research. De Bello Italico always payed attention to innovative and updated means of communication, from living history to theatre, from music to video, to education.
At the same time, due to the attention posed on historical faithfulness, De Bello Italico acts as an historical consultant on historical equipment.
From this latter activity, Res Bellica originated.

Consulting service

to museums, public and private entities, from the idea to the making of the event.

What we offer

De Bello Italico offers you a complete consulting service for ideation and making of events aimed to the promotion of the cultural and historical heritage, with a particular focus on the archaeological heritage. Events that combine research with the emotional involvement of the audience, through effective communication techniques: a dynamic and mutable tool of investigation and discovery.
Events that offer to the audience a bridge between the present time and the past.

  • Living History
  • Museum Theatre
  • Workshops

Taking back the past

to know the present time and build the future


De Bello Italico’s goal is the valorization of historical and archaeological heritage, and audience development of museums through living history, museum theatre and through those performing arts that emotionally involve the audience, making it part of the represented story.
The strong connection between ancient and modern, key element of De Bello Italico’s philosophy, manifests itself during the events organized by us, in a organic way, coherently with the historical context, enlightening the audience on culture and on human dimension of every particular historical period.
By involving local resources and by carefuly constructed acting performances, De Bello Italico’s additional goal is the reconnect local communities with their historical heritage and memory, making the musuem or the specific location and active and productive place.

Events & Organizations

Eridaneide, ancient civilizations on the bank of the river Po

Reenactment at the time of Covid-19 La Baia, Luzzara (Reggio Emilia) De Bello Italico contributes in the organization of an event in safety conditions during the pandemic, in collaboration with Project ELPIS. Through living history performances,…

The museum relives. Blood and dirt, 2019

Titus Julius Urbanus Museum of Stellata di Bondeno (Ferrara) The (likely) life of a (real) legionary, in a multimedia event at the Museum of Stellata di Bondeno. A performance of museum theatre to narrate the story of Titus Julius Urbanus,…

The festival of the Brettii, 2019

Valorization of the Via Popilia Cloister of Saint Domenico, Cosenza (CS) An event about the history and culture of the Brettii and about the Via Popilia. Through living history and a carefully constructed scenography, the cloister becomes…

The Roman bridge on the river Savuto, 2019

The Roman bridge on the river Savuto Scigliano (Cosenza) Through acting performances and living history, an event dedicated to the valorization of the Roman bridge on the river Savuto, built between 132 and 121 BCE, the most ancient passable…

Gestures and materials. Being a soldier at the time of Bedriacum, 2019

Being a soldier at the time of Bedriacum Piadena (Cremona) During the event "Gesti e materie" (Gestures and materials), in a series of meetings meant to deepen archaeological knowledge of the audience, De Bello Italico brings a presentation…

Pandosia of the Bruttii, 2018

The death of Alexander Molossus Montalto Uffugo (Cosenza) 330 a.C. Alessandro Molossus, uncle of the famous Alexander the Great, lands in Italy dreaming his own, new kingdom, but will meet his fate against Italic peoples, near the city of…

Legiones in Agro Boiorum from 2005 to 2011

the legions of Rome in the lands of the Galli Boi Castenaso (BO) - Italy 585 AUC, Rome has decided to settle the accounts with the enemy of all times: the Gauls. This time, the power of the Boi Gauls in the Po valley will be swept away in…
Kainua, the Etruscans relive in Marzabotto 2010-2011

Kainua, Etruscans relive in Marzabotto, 2010-2011

Marzabotto (BO) An event about history, culture and reenactment, dedicated to Etruscan and Gaulish civilizations and to the history of Kainua, ancient Etruscan city, foundation of the nowadays Marzabotto. Living history, educational activities,…

About us

Our team

Corrado Re

Corrado Re

Geologist, anthropologist

Head of Res Bellica, he founded De Bello Italico in 2005. He deals with living history and valorization of archaeological and cultural heritage. Historical and organizational consulting.

Alessandro Forlin

Alessandro Forlin

Architect, web designer

Freelancer, he started his collaboration with De Bello Italico in 2014.
He takes care of graphic, web-design, artistic installations for the valorization of historical heritage.
Graphic, logistic, artistic installations.

Gioal Canestrelli

Gioal Canestrelli

Historian, archaeologist

Historian and archaeologist, he has been collaborating since a long ago with De Bello Italico.
Founder member of the institute of experimental archaeology "Fianna ap Palug".
Founder of the living history federation "Evropa Antiqva".
Head of the project "Ad Pugnam Parati".
He divulgates History by his Youtube channel "Evropantiqva".


Consulenza archeologica: – 3484148862

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