Customize your equipment

Be unique

Every reenactor faces situations like these. You finally bought the piece you wanted for so long, but soon you notice that many other reenactors have exactly the same one. You wanted a precise replica from an archaeological find or from a visual source, but you had to make do with a merely similar piece. You took a look to your equipment, and you noticed that something was missing: your personal touch.

Res Bellica is here to help you obtaining the outfit you desire the most. Be unique, with an equipment made just for you.

What could Res Bellica do for you?

  • Construction of custom pieces, on request and on a customer design
  • Historical advice on the best choice and approach
  • Customization and modification of already existing pieces
  • Gildening service of any piece (starting from 25€)
  • Tinning
  • Updates step by step of the work on your personal piece
  • …and much more!

From July to the end of October 2021, Res Bellica won’t accept orders for custom or personalized piece.

If you want to ask for your piece made on request, please wait until 1st of November 2021. Thank you.