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How to attach your pilum’s head to the shaft

You just bought your new pilum…great, but now how do you properly attach the metallic head to the shaft? Let’s see in this guide. The metallic head must be fixed to the shaft by hammering and flatening the point of the three nails. However, once in the holes, the nails will probably be too long. […]

The museum relives. Blood and dirt, 2019

Titus Julius Urbanus Museum of Stellata di Bondeno (Ferrara) The (likely) life of a (real) legionary, in a multimedia event at the Museum of Stellata di Bondeno. A performance of museum theatre to narrate the story of Titus Julius Urbanus, a legionary levied during the Year of the Four Emperors who, as a retired veteran, […]

The festival of the Brettii, 2019

Valorization of the Via Popilia Cloister of Saint Domenico, Cosenza (CS) An event about the history and culture of the Brettii and about the Via Popilia. Through living history and a carefully constructed scenography, the cloister becomes a little corner of the ancient world, allowing the local community to get closer to their cultural and […]

The Roman bridge on the river Savuto, 2019

The Roman bridge on the river Savuto Scigliano (Cosenza) Through acting performances and living history, an event dedicated to the valorization of the Roman bridge on the river Savuto, built between 132 and 121 BCE, the most ancient passable bridge in Italy, solid testimony of the Via Popilia. In collaboration with Via Popilia.

Pandosia of the Bruttii, 2018

The death of Alexander Molossus Montalto Uffugo (Cosenza) 330 a.C. Alessandro Molossus, uncle of the famous Alexander the Great, lands in Italy dreaming his own, new kingdom, but will meet his fate against Italic peoples, near the city of Pandosia. Following a deep analysis of the historical datas, an accurate and engaging theatralization of the […]

Imagines rievocatorum. A 2nd-1st century Lepontic warrior

For our rubric dedicated to reenactors and their impressions, today we present you “Valaunos”, an hypothetical Lepontic warrior from the 2nd-1st century BC, by Enrico Lanzalone of Insubria Gaesata, which we thank for sending us pictures and text. The Prealpine and Alpine “Insubria”, under the sphere of influence of the Roman Republic during the 2nd […]

Imagines rievocatorum. A triarius of the 2nd century BC

Let’s open our new rubric dedicated to reenactor’s impressions with the reconstruction of a 2nd century BC triarius, by Alessandro di Leva of the group Legio VI Ferrata – whom we thank for the pictures and the text he sent us. Triarii were the Roman soldiers of the third line of battle, during the Republican […]